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Products tolow-voltage high-densitypolyethylene,polypropylene asraw material,product featuresa light, smooth,no nails withoutproductassassination,noscarring,tasteless, non-toxicproducts, the producteasy to washdisinfection, flame retardant,long lifecharacteristics of productssuitable forwarehousing,logistics flowandrecycling

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Express deliveryto the force, good quality,the installationjobrequires patience,a suggestion,a singleset oftubesin the middle ofatransparentplasticbagto reducefrictionduring transportwhichcase, in short,pretty good.

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About Us


About Us

Dongguan Fangka Plastic Products Co., Ltd.. isa design,production, processing andsales ofplastic productsenterprises, mainlyengaged in industrialproductionof plasticcard board(platform board,tray)/ plate,working me, workingbasket,foldturnoverbox /basket, anti-staticbox,hollowboard /boxes,barrels and otherchemicalproducts.At the same timeaccording to customerrequirements to undertakemold manufacturingorincoming,to die processing.
In my company,innovation,excellence, quality-oriented spirit,cheap products:high, medium andlow-grade complete, withpuerile philosophyand quality service, based inChina, the world.
Headquarters was established in2003,it is located inZhongtangTown, DongguanCity, the location!We would like qualityproducts andsincere, warm andefficient serviceto meeteachcustomer's needs, and we lookforward to your visit!

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